We are different

The benefits

  • Great location. Forget about Pipera and more than one hour drives to or from work. We’re close to the city center and our location offers a whole lot of options for public transportation, not to mention the nearby pubs, in case you happen to find your co-workers so irresistible that 8 hours with them are just not enough.
  • If you do spend every Friday night at the pub with your coworkers, rest assure that your liver will be safe with us, because we also offer full medical insurance.
  • “To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries”, a famous English writer once said. Depending on the work you’ll be doing for us, you may have a chance to visit the USA, Canada and part of Europe.
  • Do you find it hard to stick to strict schedules? We try our best to be flexible and open minded about work hours.
  • We believe in incentives, so when you finally get to enjoy some much-needed time off, our holiday bonuses will come in handy.
  • Oh, and one more thing: we have no restricted websites.

The actual work

Well, this might be something we’ll be able to explain better when we first meet, depending on the job you apply to. The main thing you need to understand about Smart-X is that we put a higher price on getting the job done than on your mere presence. Here you’ll be the master of your own time, so if you are a quick learner and an even quicker worker, good for you! “Just do it” is our motto. Oh, wait! That was someone else’s motto. Oh well, it’s a good one, we’ll give them that.

But we have our own too. Just check out the section called “Core values”.

We also encourage professional and personal development. Thanks to our careful career planning, external and internal trainings and challenging work, you’ll quickly improve as a professional, while also being part of a unique atmosphere and joyful environment.

PS – Overtime is almost never a condition. In the exceptional cases when that happens, we’ll be sure to compensate your hard work with some time off.

The fun

When was the last time you had fun? Well, if you apply and start working at our company, next time you’ll be asked that, the answer will be a lot sooner. Because we like to think that a day at Smart-X doesn’t mean just work, but also at least a bit of fun. Not to mention the work itself is pretty cool too!

Here’s a quick list of how we plan to keep you entertained:

  • The break room. Yes, we have it. And yes, it is fun, especially for big children like us, men. If the Xbox, the ping pong table, the pinball machine and other electronic games don’t do the trick for you girls too, no problem. You can also enjoy your break by laughing at us. Because, let’s be honest, guys, watching men playing games is the biggest fun of them all.

PS – has anyone noticed the planning sheet that actually contains WORK STUFF? We didn’t think so either.

  • A balcony with a view . We’ve only mentioned this second because it’s next to the break room. This is the perfect place to clear your head when you’re having a hard time getting that HTML code to work, and some of our best ideas were born here.
  • The teams. We do have a football team and we do participate in all kinds of competitions. We haven’t won any gold medals or world cups yet, but maybe you can get us there. Ping pong and football are the two main sports we can practice on our huge 6th floor balcony, and when you have to take the elevator six floors to retrieve the ball, you’ll develop a very technical game, with quick passes at ground level.

Teambuildings and Friday drinking nights are a lot cooler than all of what you read above, but we really can’t give you any details on that, or we’d have to kill you. Or hire you.